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Ahmad Titov
Ahmad Titov

Frogman Hd Full Movie Download !!INSTALL!!

Hi First post here and I hope i get this right, and yes I have search for a rename script, to do what I want. Hopefully you masters over here can help me out.I will try to clear.My Example: my hard drive stricture, for my movie trailer downloads looks like something like thisSample:Drive structurem:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 1\what-ever movie-name 1.divxm:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 2\what-ever movie-name 2.divxm:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 3\what-ever movie-name 3.divxm:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 4\what-ever movie-name 4.divxm:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 5\what-ever movie-name 5.divxm:\local only\download\movies\divx\movie 6\what-ever movie-name 6.divx

Frogman Hd Full Movie Download

OK, now, change to directory to movies folder (ie) m:\local only\download\movies\divxIn Dopus Explorer mode: right side of tree I see "movie 1 folders" but not the files. "All 6 folder" ie "movie 1" folder" "movie 2" folder, "movie 3" folder "movie 5" folder "movie 6" folder


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