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Pawn Shops That Buy Cars

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, our motorcycle pawn shop offers a great option that will give you a fair price for your bike. We can even offer you a cash loan quickly that beats anything you can get from traditional dealerships or used motorcycle or car buyers.

pawn shops that buy cars

At The Vault Jewelry and Loan, our motorcycle pawn shop offers a great option that will give you a fair price for your bike. When you bring your motorcycle into one of our shops, you can sell it to us outright to make some quick money. We can also offer you a cash loan quickly that beats anything you can get from traditional dealerships or used motorcycle or car buyers.

If you are looking for pawn shops that take cars or motorcycle to get cash for an urgent need, call us now or come to one of our store locations in northern Virginia. You can also sell your car for instant cash. Come and enjoy our excellent customer service today!

Loans on the value of your antique, vintage or classic car allow you to unlock the value of that vehicle without having to sell it outright. If you are looking to pawn your classic car, Oliver Brown heads our team of classic cars loan experts in London.

We understand that most classic cars cannot be driven hence we provide a logistical transport service. All cars are kept in state of art secure and discreet storage facility in Central London. Whether you own a classic British car, an Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, and others, your car is safe with us.

We offer loans on all classic cars under the manufacturers we accept, including Ferrari, Aston Martin, Jaguar and Bugatti. For more information as to whether we can accept your classic car under a pawn agreement, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team, or fill in our enquiry form online for an estimate.

Unlike a logbook loan, you cannot pawn car and drive it for the duration of the loan. Releasing your vehicle through our asset loans requires you to give up your car until you can pay back the amount borrowed. Those looking to pawn car for cash and still drive it will not be able to do so, however, we do securely store every vehicle that we take. Each luxury or classic car will be kept in a discreet storage facility in central London, where we operate state of the art security to ensure all assets are kept safe throughout the duration of your loan. If you are looking to pawn car while you drive it, there are other alternatives to pawn that may be more suitable for your requirements such as loans on fine watches, diamonds, fine jewellery, fine art, fine wine, antiques & collectibles and rare books. We offer all of the above, each of which will also be kept in our secure London storage facility.

Auto pawn is a phrase that does not get used the same way by all companies. The concept and practice of an auto pawn is that you pawn your car just like you would pawn anything else. You store your car with the pawn broker and give them the car title to hold until the loan is paid off. When you get a car title loan, your vehicle is not stored, you get to keep driving your car, but the lender becomes the legal owner of the vehicle until you pay your loan off in full.

Almost without exception, auto pawn and car title loan companies use two tools. Kelly Blue Book and Manheim MMR. Manheim is used more because it gives a more accurate picture of what the vehicle is worth if the car was on a car sales lot right now. The more you tell us about the special options on the vehicle, the better we can determine the value. Based on how well the car normally holds it value (some cars keep their value over longer period of time), the amount of the loan can be as low as 30% of the value or as high as 60%

We have safe and secured automotive storage locations around our auto pawn centers. We utilize state of the art security and surveillance systems to ensure that all your items are always safe and protected.

Pawn shops offer the opportunity to sell goods or take out short-term loans with used merchandise as collateral. They are small businesses by nature because both the items exchanged and the loans paid out are low in value. While pawn shops typically don't bring in large profits, the start-up costs are relatively small.

Pawn shops accept items as collateral for a short-term loan, explains MoneyMan Pawn & Jewelry. When you bring an item to a pawn shop, the pawnbroker assesses the item's value and offers you a loan equal to a certain percentage of the value. You have a short time period to repay the loan with interest. If you do, the pawnbroker returns the item.

If you don't, the pawnbroker owns the item and tries to sell it for a profit. The reason pawnbrokers are willing to lend money to people for small items is that, in addition to the interest, pawn shops make larger profits on items that are forfeited. Many people bring items to pawn shops not intending to repay the loan. They know the pawn shop will make a profit on the item they pawned.

Pawn shops also buy items they believe they can sell for a good profit, according to Empire Pawn of Nassau. Offering low-ball prices helps sellers get quick cash and the pawn shop large profits. Because the loans and purchase prices offered by pawn shops are usually small, pawnbroker businesses require a low amount of start-up financing from entrepreneurs.

Pawn shops accept anything profitable, but the most pawned items are small, high-quality products such as electronic, musical instruments and jewelry. Storing these items securely is easy for the pawnbroker, and they have a high enough value to be worth selling. While some pawn shops accept larger, more valuable items such as cars, most pawn shops are small businesses that offer small loans.

Pawn shops are a good choice for those who need a small amount of cash quickly but are wary of the debt associated with high-interest short-term loans. In addition, pawn shops typically do not perform credit checks because they already have collateral and failure to repay results only in the loss of the item. As an option for small-business owners, a pawn shop requires few skills apart from appraising the value of merchandise.

While interest rates vary from shop to shop, they are usually high, much higher than they seem: 8 percent per month may seem reasonable, but it is actually close to a 100 percent annual percentage rate. Because most items exchanged in pawn shops have small value, the shops offer small returns on any start-up investment. To make sure you avoid uncomfortable situations that can arise from misunderstandings, make sure to clearly post your pawn shop rules and regulations.

Pawn Stars began with Brent Montgomery and Colby Gaines of Leftfield Pictures, who were struck by the array of eclectic and somewhat seedy pawn shops in Las Vegas during a 2008 weekend visit to the city. Thinking such shops might contain unique characters, they searched for a family-run shop on which to center a TV series, until they found the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop less than two miles from the Las Vegas Strip.[16] It had been the subject of a 2001 PBS documentary,[17] and the manager and part-owner, Rick Harrison, had been trying unsuccessfully to pitch a show based on his shop for four years.[17][18][19] Both the shop and Rick had previously been featured in the Las Vegas episode of Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003.[20]

In addition to spawning imitators and clones, such as the truTV series Hardcore Pawn, and History's own Cajun Pawn Stars, the success of Pawn Stars has been a boon to the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which has become a Las Vegas tourist site,[22] and has expanded its business accordingly. Originally averaging between 70 and 100 customers per day, the shop's traffic increased to more than 1,000 by October 2010. To handle the increased business, the shop hired nearly 30 new employees,[31] and underwent a $400,000 expansion of their showroom by two thirds, to 15,000 square feet,[16][22] the shop's tenth expansion since it opened.[32] Rick Harrison also mentioned in the fourth season episode "Over the Top" that he was building a gym above the Pawn Shop for the staff's use. The shop also now sells its own brand merchandise, whose designs originate from fans entering design competitions on Facebook, which saves the Harrisons the cost of hiring professional designers. The staff's presence on Facebook and Twitter also ensures audiences during local nightclub appearances, for which Corey Harrison and Chumlee Russell are paid $1,000 a night.[3] However, as a result of filming at the shop, the four main cast members can only work the main counter during shoot days, this is due to laws that require the identity of customers pawning items to remain confidential, and the tourists and fans taking photos and video in the showroom that would preclude this. When shooting episodes of the series, the store is temporarily closed to the public, with only a handful of vetted customers allowed into the showroom.[17][33]

Christopher Long, reviewing the first season DVD for DVD Town, praised the series for its cast and the educational value of the items examined, calling it 'addictive' and "...a big-time winner..." and opined that it is the best show on History, and perhaps cable.[43] In one issue of TV Guide, writer Rob Moynihan included the show in a list of "guilty pleasures."[8] April McIntyre of Monsters and Critics, whose negative view of pawn shops influenced her view of the series' setting, reviewed one episode of the series, which she labeled a "cool Antiques Roadshow." Though she found aspects of it interesting, she criticized what she perceived as an emphasis on cheap laughs at the expense of family patriarch Richard Harrison over the show's historical material, as well as Corey Harrison's weight. She ultimately saw potential for the series if aspects of it that she found to be in poor taste were curbed.[145] USA Today's Gary Strauss opined that the bickering among the Harrisons, as well as the customers seen in the shop, is "alternately amusing and grating." People magazine wrote of the show, "Think Antiques Roadshow, but with neon and far more tattoos."[146] Some of History's viewers were reportedly displeased with how reality series like Pawn Stars and Swamp People have replaced some of the network's previous history-oriented programming.[143] 041b061a72


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