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One Piece Episode 381

Actor Matt Malloy reads a short piece of fiction called "Shoes," about a boy trying not to be a turncoat. It's from Etgar Keret's book of short fiction The Busdriver Who Wanted to Be God, and Other Stories. (6 minutes)

One Piece Episode 381

Priscilla:Okay, great.Thank you, Dr. Misner. Well, that is it for this week, and I would just like to remind the listeners that this podcast has been brought to you by the, hosted by Andy Lopata and Dr. Ivan Misner. Thanks so much for listening. This is Priscilla Rice, and we hope you will join us next week for another exciting episode of The Official BNI Podcast.

With over 1,000 episodes to watch, not to mention the various films, specials, OVAs and shorts that are also available, it can be a pretty daunting task in working out how to watch One Piece in order.

In total, you could stay up for two weeks straight and still not have time to binge through this entire saga of over 100 episodes. And that doesn't even include the upcoming One Piece live-action adaptation. In comparison, watching Dragon Ball in order would be significantly quicker, with just over 600 episodes.

As there are over 1,000 episodes to watch, you might be tempted to jump in at a later starting point, but to really enjoy the full experience properly, we do recommend starting at the very beginning and watching One Piece in chronological order.

Alternatively, you could just skip the following filler episodes, instead. While the arcs mentioned above don't add much to the One Piece storyline and canon, they are still entertaining. However, these episodes are slightly different. Anime often use episodes to recap past adventures and give the animators a chance to breathe, so you're not really missing out if these particular episodes don't make it onto your watchlist. Here's a look at the One Piece filler episodes:

If you really want to whizz through One Piece for a taste of what it's like, you could also focus solely on the 15 films that have been released to date. This isn't ideal, though, as a lot happens in the regular episodes between each movie. Still, if that's all you've got time for, here are all the One Piece movies in order of release, as well as how they relate to the main show.

And the fifth piece here is, are you willing to change? To honor your desire? Are you willing to fight through the fear to get to the place of that desire? And what determines that is your belief in your own want.

Andrea 01:11Hey there ass-kickers. Welcome to another episode of the podcast. I am so glad that you are here. This week, I have a conversation about shit that matters with unqualified people. If you are newer to these parts, these episodes are where I bring on a friend and/or colleague, and we don't so much come at the topic from the place of being an expert. But more so everyday things that we are currently walking through. I've had people on where we talk about body image, about aging. I think I've done a couple now on mental health. And this week we're also talking about mental health, I'm bringing on my very best friend Amy Smith. And she has walked with me through many topics of my life as she and I are very close. And I thought she would be perfect to come on. Sort of as a follow up to last week if you remember I had Mia Hemstad on where she was kind enough to share her story around major depressive disorder, and suicidal ideation. And I wanted to share more in-depth about my own story and what has been going on for me over the last year. I've mentioned on the show a couple of times over the last several months that I hired a new therapist in 2020. And we got down to business with some trauma therapy. And I wanted to let you know what that kind of looked like. So that's what this episode is. I also wanted to let you know, a trigger warning, we do talk about suicidal ideation. So, if that is a very sensitive topic for you, I just wanted to give you a heads up on that.

I also wanted to give you a quick heads up about this particular episode. So, the episode will carry on as usual. And then at the end, I wanted to share with you a story that Amy shared with me when I started recording the episode. She told me this story just as friends share funny stories with each other. And I thought it was so hilarious, I wanted to share it with you, but it didn't feel right putting it in the beginning. You'll see why. It's a, I don't want to say it's an adult story. It's probably PG-13. And for reference, because it might be confusing if you're listening to it and you're like what in the world who are these people that they're speaking of? Who are these women that they're speaking of? Delilah and Fiona are her dogs. She has two cute little Japanese chins, Delilah and Fiona. And Gisele is my dog. So, we refer to them, and I know they have human names. So just so you're not confused as we're telling the story. It's Delilah, Fiona, and Gisele, who are our dogs. So that story is coming at the very end of the podcast. Alright, so without further ado, here is my conversation about shit that matters with unqualified people with Amy Smith.

Andrea 05:22Well, and I just did an Instagram story where I was, I was precluding to this episode coming out and saying, we're gonna have a serious episode about mental health. And then you come on, and I just had to pause the recording because I was laughing so hard, I started coughing. Yeah, I always hear to lighten the mood.

Andrea 05:46No, and I think that's one of the reasons we're such good friends is that we have such a similar sense of humor. And, and that being said, I wanted to kind of it's not really a part two, from last week's episode, but I want to point people to the interview that I did with Mia Hemstad last week, and she came on and talked about and talked about the work that she does in the world with women and self-care. And she also was super vulnerable and shared her story around major depressive disorder and, and suicidal ideation. And, and then I shared my story, and I hadn't expected to do it until I read her story. And I asked her ahead of time if she wouldn't mind sharing it. And if you wouldn't mind me, you know, also sharing my story. And, and so that's what we had decided to do. And I was really nervous for the episode to come out. And I had, I had put it in my marketing calendar for like, May. And then Prince Harry and Meghan's interview with Oprah came out, and I was like, well, if Megan can do it, and she's part of the royal family, then I think it would be a good idea for me to put it out there. But I also wanted to add have an episode where I added more context as to what got me to that point because it wasn't just COVID that I think got me to that point. It was really years sort of in the making. And COVID was kind of the breaking point.

Andrea 11:21Yeah, yeah, I should probably say that in case people didn't listen to the episode from last week. So, I had probably been sitting in it for about three days of just acute, severe anxiety. And what, how that manifests for me is rapid heart rate, my armpits tingle, sometimes my fingers go numb, my palms sweat, I get dry mouth, I also get tunnel vision and all these physical symptoms, but also mentally, I start spinning. And I can't stop them. It's like a runaway train. And I was, and I was also googling things that I should not have been googling. Like, about, I was reading about the Great Depression, I was reading about just the economic collapse. Yeah, that was possible. Both, you know, here in the United States, as well as globally. I also was like, this is mass extinction, right? This is where we're going to lose billions of people on the planet. And it's going to be like this apocalyptic. You know, like we see in movies and read in books, and I was terrified for my, the safety of my children, for my entire family, which is sort of like spread out all over the United States. And I couldn't stop them. I couldn't stop the thoughts. I couldn't. It wasn't just fear, it was terror. It was complete terror, coupled with the pressure of I need to show up for my community. You know, here I am this self-help expert, yeah, who's supposed to have her shit together. And I'm failing. And I'm failing really, really fast.

Andrea 37:43Yeah, it might have been we're talking about reactive abuse because I had a hard time labeling it that I think it was when Britt Frank was on my podcast. It was a great episode. I'll drop it in the show notes. And she specializes in helping heal people heal from being in narcissistic abusive relationships. And I think it was her that told me about reactive abuse because I was saying like, I have a hard time categorizing him as abusive because I used to throw it back at him. I learned from him. What was happening is that he would gaslight the shit out of me. And then me being the fiery personality, the outspoken woman that I am, I would lose my shit guess and be mean and call him names and sometimes throw water glasses at him. I only did that once. And I missed it. And you know, I've slapped him across the face many times. And so, I felt like, I'm no better, right? And then she told me about reactive abuse when you're basically defending yourself and someone pushes you to your absolute breaking point by gaslighting or abusing you. And then you react with abuse because you learn how to do it from them. And also it feels like it's your only defense mechanism kind of like if you can't beat him join.

Andrea 1:14:35Well, we'll have you know, the links to all the things that we talked about in the show notes. And thank you again for being here. I hope this was helpful for the listeners. And I appreciate all of you. I know this was a little bit of a longer episode, and so tell people where they go to listen to your awesome podcast.

If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty, I spend between 2 and 5 hours editing my podcast for a 30-minute episode. It can take a long time depending on how many things we have to edit down and cut down. I have edited all 100 episodes of my podcast myself, I have not hired out yet. 041b061a72


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