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Ahmad Titov
Ahmad Titov

His To Keep By Genni Bee !!TOP!!

WhitneyI wasn't expecting this job to be easy, carrying a baby never is. But the father of my surrogate baby is paying me a mountain of cash. On top of that, he's assigned me my very own security detail. Everything was going according to plan until I start falling for my bodyguard. I hadn't been expecting that.EmersonI've always gotten everything I want. Success and money came easy to me. But never the wife and children I've been obsessed with having. Now, with everything on the line, I decided to forgo marriage and hire a surrogate to carry my baby.But when I meet her, she's nothing like I expected. And everything I can't live without.Which is why I go undercover, acting as her and my baby's personal bodyguard. When feelings get mixed in, my mission changes from keeping her safe to keeping her forever.

His to Keep by Genni Bee

Asher: He was hired to keep her safe from harm. Even if that meant staying silent about how he felt for her. Every day he spent at her side was a testitment to his control, his patience. Because everything else in him screamed out to tell her the truth. That he was irreversibly in love with his client.

With a comprehensive range of benefits and features, The Compliance Genie ensures that not only can companies keep track of health and safety issues, but they can also prevent accidents from happening in the first instance.

With the increasing presence of Health and Safety and need for record keeping, Compliance Genie ticks all the boxes. It has been tailor made to meet the needs of our business, gives prompts to ensure no stone is left unturned and is easy to understand which was perfect during the roll out to site and getting our colleagues to buy into its introduction to the working day. All records integrate with another computer programme already in use to enable electronic storage which can be backed up and protected from future loss whilst remaining accessible at the tap of a keyboard. Within the construction industry I would thoroughly recommend the investment!!! 041b061a72


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