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Ahmad Titov
Ahmad Titov

Eaglesoft Diamond Da42 Twin Star

The setup here of the G1000 system is one of the best layouts yet. It is extremely well crafted (great screen and surround detail) and gives you large selections of choice of information to be displayed on the twin screens. When starting up the panels they show the GARMIN start-up screens with adds great authenticity to the cockpit. The panels information can be accessed by selecting the row of menu buttons on the lower edge of the panel. On the primary (left) display you can set many menu adjustments including your navigation selections (VOR 1/VOR 2, ADF, OBS, IDENT and Alerts) and all changes are noted on the screen. Surrounding the screen on the panel are your GFC-700 Autopilot selections are on the left with knob adjustments for - NAV - HDG - ALT and Nav frequency settings (a note that to change the Nav Freq you use the button under the NAV knob, hard to find is that one)and all frequency settings are displayed across the top of the screen. On the right of the screen is your COMM knob adjustment, Course (CRS) knob, Range (for a smaller inset version of the MAP function on the PFD) and FMS settings and adjustment. The main panel displays the artificial horizon, speed and height strips with vertical speed angle indicator (very similar to the B737NG) and a compass rose that has a course function and NAV 1 and NAV 2 VOR indicators. The centre strip between the panels holds the COMM, NAV1-NAV2 and other radio functions with a "Music" feature (Bach - Chopin) to keep the you in the right mood.The right panel is dominated by the MAP. No squinting or trying to find that obscure fix (or waypoint) here... This MAP screen is huge and everything is in perfect detail. you have three choices of colour on the display - Brown (standard) Dark and Green.

eaglesoft diamond da42 twin star



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