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Ahmad Titov
Ahmad Titov

Disable Show Window Contents While Dragging In Windows 10

I have everything there, except that when I drag windows, I only see the border of the window as I'm dragging. In other/older SKUs of Windows, there was a checkbox that I think said "Show Window Contents While Dragging", but I can't find such a checkbox on this OS.

Disable Show window contents while dragging In Windows 10

The setting(disable full window drag:i:1) is used to determine whether folder contents appear when you drag the folder to a new location. This setting corresponds to the selection in theShow contents of window while dragging check box on the Experience tab of Remote Desktop Connection Options.

The remoteapp windows dragging contents are controller by your computer. If your local computer has show contents of window while dragging enabled then the remoteapp will show the contents as well. If you want it off like I do just create a GPO to disable the "show window content dragging" or change it manually per computer.

We are running various versions of the Citrix Plugin on both Windows XP and Windows 7 clients and they all show following behaviour:When using the Citrix plugin to work with remote applications and/or virtual desktops, the plugin disables the LOCAL setting "Show WIndows Contents while dragging" (so on the Windows XP/7 Client!). The moment when the option is disabled is not consistent. Sometimes the option is disabled immediately after starting a remote app, sometimes after some time, sometimes the option is not disabled at all (but most of the times it is!).A lot of our users are complaining about this, because they find the "Show Windows Contents while dragging" option very usefull.We are wondering if there is a way to prevent this from happening!

However, I'm experiencing a problem with your mouse software (BlackElement.exe). As long as the software runs, the windows feature "Show window contents while dragging" in the System Properties gets disabled (the according registry entry stays how he was set however...).

I have the same trouble, with Tt black element software, i reinstall windows 10 and everything go right before install mice software.I disabled the mouse software at windows start up, and go ok, however when software starts with windows the trouble appears again.

Been seeing more and more people struggling with this lately when working with Server 2019 or Windows 10 RDS.The issue shows itself with the default settings for Server 2019, and is caused by the normal 1px border not beein there anymore. And the default color settings is that everything is white, and has shadows under the windows.This is ok, when you have shadows enabled, as you then can see the difference on the windows, when working with multiple windows overlaying each others. If you are not sure about what I am refering to, the issue looks like this:

I'm with you Luis. I have been using El Capitan since the first beta last July if I remember correctly and have never accidentally triggered Mission Control by dragging windows to the top of the screen. ? 350c69d7ab


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